Astra Taylor: An Examined Life.

An Examined Life

In her documentary, Taylor provides nine contemporary philosophers with a platform to share their thinking. Each philosopher is given ten minutes to share their ideals on the themes listed below against a scene that also connects with the ideals being shared. For me, many of these scenes helped ground the philosopher’s theories in a real way, causing me to evaluate my ideas and beliefs on the topics being discussed.  The documentary is not only a means of sharing philosophy, but also a call for the viewer to examine their self and these societal concerns.

  1. Avital Ronell | Meaning
  2. Peter Singer | Ethics
  3. Kwame Anthony Appiah | Globalism & Responsibility
  4. Martha Nussbaum | Social Justice
  5. Cornel West | Truth & The Re-Examination of Oneself
  6. Michael Hardt | Revolution
  7. Slavoj Žižek | Ecology
  8. Sunaura Taylor & Judith Butler | Disability as A Political Issue

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