On View @ The New Museum.

Cheryl Donegan: Scenes + Commercials

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 9.44.25 PM

In Scenes + Commercials, the New Museum exhibits a variety of Cheryl Donegan’s performance and video work from the early ’90s to the ’00s.  In her works, she often uses her body as a tool to critique conventions of digital popular culture (i.e. commercials, music videos, etc.). Within these critiques of popular culture, Donegan also considers the ways in which the body is represented by the media.

Donegan’s clothing collection, Extra Layer, is also on display within the exhibition. The garments display drawings, prints, and textiles she has created throughout her career. I particularly appreciate Extra Layer, as it is a work that directly speaks to Donegan’s struggle with her critique of and involvement/consumerism of popular culture.

Scenes + Commercials is currently on view at the New Museum through April 10, 2016.

Anri Sala: Answer Me


Answer Me an exhibition of Anri Sala’s work is a large installation at The New Museum, with works on the second, third, and fourth floor galleries.  Sala uses sound, music, and video as a means to engage with architecture, history/memory, and emotion.  His works are intended to rouse up memories of Communist Albania and life after Communism (every day life). Sala’s work was challenging for me to piece together and digest as it has multiple pieces.

Answer Me is currently on view at the New Museum through April 17, 2016.


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